A Celebration Of Culture & Colors

Rittika & Dhruva

first-letter.svgor Dhruva and Rittika, Memorial Day Weekend unveiled itself in bursts of bright colors along the shoreline of Turks & Caicos where the two chose to say “I do.” 

With 75 guests touching down on the island from all over the globe — Los Angeles, London, Chicago, and beyond — an event of this size made Beaches Turks & Caicos the perfect location to accommodate everyone.

In the months and weeks leading up to their big day, Rittika and Dhruva worked closely with their personal Beaches wedding team to discuss all details over the phone, share inspiration boards, and choose décor elements. 

  • From extravagant fashion pieces to five exquisite celebrations, this wedding weekend was one for the books.
Since the wedding was a weekend-long affair, rich in celebration and tradition, the team at Beaches went the extra mile to bring the couple’s vision to life and incorporate meaningful cultural touches. 

  • The brilliant, yellow hues of turmeric paste, better known as Haldi, symbolizes prosperity in new beginnings for the bride and groom.
  1. To kick off the wedding weekend, Friday morning called for a Haldi ceremony at the Turtles Bar gazebo. A special celebration meant to ward off evil spirits and bring prosperity to the bride and groom, the patio was beaming with an abundance of bright yellow, magenta, and orange décor.
  2. Forming an aisle to the center of the patio, ribbons of marigolds cascaded from golden urns set atop white pedestals. With the couple seated in the center of the space, surrounded by delicate fabrics, hanging umbrellas, and bowls of turmeric paste (known as Haldi), family and friends gathered around to spread the haldi onto the faces of the bride and groom.
  3. As for the final celebration before the big day, Rittika and Dhruva hosted a traditional Sangeet. Jewel-toned fabrics draped elegantly from the dome of Bombay Club, while the wedding party took center stage to perform dances choreographed by the bride. An event hosted for celebration, laughter, and fun, the Sangeet was the perfect way to excite guests and welcome everyone to the wedding weekend.
The morning of the ceremony saw blue skies stretching out over the calm Caribbean Sea. While getting ready, Rittika’s mother joined her in the privacy of the bridal suite for some quality one-on-one time. The two were all smiles as Rittika outfitted herself in stunning gold and emerald jewelry.

Keeping with customary tradition, Dhruva arrived at the tented ceremony first, and did so in ultimate style. The team at Beaches Turks & Caicos accommodated his request for a Baraat-style entrance by adorning a golf cart in lush florals and using a speaker to play upbeat music, while family members and friends smiled, cheered and danced.

When it was time for the bride’s debut, male family members carried Rittika down the beach toward the mandap canopy in a custom-made, red and gold Palki — a nod to her stunning ruby red dress lined in gold embroidery.
  • Needless to say, the reception — and plenty of dancing — carried on into the late hours of the night, while guests took turns congratulating the newlyweds with heartfelt speeches and belly laughs.
Once united with Dhruva, the couple engaged in traditional Hindu wedding customs, including the wearing of mala (floral garlands) around their necks and tossing rice into a ceremonial fire pit.

After tying the knot, guests moved to the reception area where they were greeted by a champagne bubbly bar and glimmering bistro lights. Under a grand, whimsical tent set on the sand, the bride and groom opted for a simple look with white, pearl, and silver décor, as well as soft touches of cream and blue hydrangeas.      
Heading into the reception, the newlyweds agreed that their top priority would be to enjoy the company of guests who had traveled near and far to be with them.
As the clock neared midnight and the sounds of the island quieted down, the wedding party made their way to the far end of Treasure Beach for a s’mores afterparty and lantern release. A symbol of good luck, wisdom, and prosperity for the newlyweds, guests lit small flames within the paper lanterns before releasing them.

Floating gracefully into the star-studded night sky, dozens of glowing lanterns created a picture-perfect finale alongside Grace Bay.